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Summer is here and while relaxation is on the calendar for many families, there are still a number of items on to do lists that will need to be checked off over the coming months. In addition to back to school clothing and supply shopping, fresh haircuts for the family, and planning a potential vacation, many school aged children will need to get their back to school physical at some point. Integrity Urgent Care is a great option for getting this done and out of the way.

What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is an exam by a physician or other medical professional that evaluates basic health for a student interested in participating in a sport or other movement intense activity. School sports, leagues, many camps, and numerous other extra curriculars require one for participation. The sports physical will provide a baseline for your student, in regards to their level of fitness and overall health. This also allows an opportunity for medical professionals to catch or assess life-threatening health problems or injuries that may be exacerbated by participation in the sport.

What takes place in a sports physical?

While there is a large overlap between a sports physical and a general checkup, the focus is on whether or not the patient can participate in physical activities. Heart and lung function are a large focus as are an overview of the joints and muscular structure. A shortened medical and family history will also be taken, especially in regards to heart issues, breathing issues, and in regards to concussions or other neurological concerns. Your school or activity will likely have a specific form they need completed. The clinic will fill in the required information and that record may help with your assessment in the event that a medical injury or emergency takes place.

Why should I complete my physical now?

Summer is a perfect time for getting a sports physical completed. As part of the exam, your physician will make note of any concerns that need to be addressed. If your child has an injury or condition that needs a second or specialist opinion, you will have the weeks of summer to schedule and complete those appointments before practice begins. Even if a specialist is not needed, there may be modifications you want to explore before the activity begins. By slowly building stamina, your child may be less likely to be injured. Dr. Gabriel Neal of the Texas A&M Health system also reminds us your medical provider “may ask you wear a brace or make other modifications” like avoiding certain twisting movements or lifting above a specific amount of weight.

If your child is still wavering on whether or not to compete in a sport or other activity, you may want to have the physical ready anyways. It can be difficult to acquire one at the last minute and may prohibit your child from participating. Additionally, you wouldn’t want to be caught with a long wait with other students who may not get their physical done until the last minute.

To complete your sports physical paperwork or to be seen for any other medical issue, our clinics are open. Each of our locations is open seven days a week from 8am to 8pm and can provide health services and testing for most of your needs. Contact us to learn more.

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