a family eats thanksgiving dinner

How to Avoid Holiday Weight Gain

While the holiday season is stretching earlier and earlier into October and, for some, September, there is no denying that we are solidly entrenched in the bulk of holiday time. With the visits, shopping, and celebrating that takes place from now to the New Year, eating and drinking can be an extra element to make the time special. The holiday season also sees a marked potential for weight gain. With a plan and a few reminders, you can tackle holiday season and stay healthy, while enjoying your time.

Fake pumpkins full of candy

6 Tips for Handling Halloween with Diabetes

Halloween marks the beginning of a challenging time for all of us to eat well and make healthy food choices. With extra treats, gatherings, and favorite candies up for grabs, it can be even more difficult for those with diabetes to manage their health. With a few tips and tricks, Halloween can be fun to celebrate for everyone.

A person receives a flu shot

FAQ: Flu Shots

Our team at Integrity Urgent Care always stresses the importance of getting a flu shot. This year, getting your flu shot will be exceedingly important as it will help as we watch the changes in illnesses and their spread. This goes for COVID and other illnesses that emerge at this time of year. Understanding the importance of the community protecting themselves with a vaccine can be a step in the right direction.

a person pours medicine into a small cup

Children’s Medicine Dosage

It can be difficult to know when to give you children medicine, especially since it seems inevitable that they get sick late at night or on the weekend when you aren’t sure how to reach your doctor’s office. When we want nothing more to see our kids feeling better, there are a few tips to helping them along with over the counter medication. We even have these medicine dosage magnets that you can stick on your fridge to help you remember!

A person performs CPR on another person

How to Perform CPR

CPR can be a valuable life saving tool for adults and children to have a working knowledge of what it is and how to perform the steps. When CPR is administered correctly, it allows time for medical professionals, usually in the form of EMTs to come and assist before transporting to a hospital setting. Our team at Integrity Urgent Care is committed to sharing as much information about CPR to our family, friends, and community as possible.

a child wears giant sunglasses on a sunny day

Vitamin D: The Sunshine Vitamin

Spending time outside has more benefits than we can count and our team at Integrity loves to explore and relax in a variety of ways in the great outdoors. However, the sun can put a damper on that time and we don’t just mean the oppressive heat. We have all cringed, at a movie character or a person in real life, as we see them approach with a bright red line across their cheeks, over their shoulders, or at the shorts hemline near their knees. Is the outside good for you or only filled with pain? Integrity would argue it’s a little of both.

Doctor with sign reading 'boost your immune system

7 Ways to Boost Your Immune System

Building immunity, staying healthy, and preventing illness are at the forefront of everyone’s mind right now. Whether we are trying to keep ourselves, kids, relatives, communities, or some combination safe many are looking for actions we can take now. While we don’t have control over every aspect of the environment and the way illnesses are spread, there are steps we can take to give our bodies and systems the best chance to preventing or beating something we may catch.

Up close hands washing

How to Not Spread Germs

In a time when most of our conversations are steered around viruses and the way they are spread, we may feel there isn’t a lot we can do to avoid getting sick. However, there are a number of steps we can take to prevent catching any virus or spreading it to others.

an assortment of heart healthy food

Lower Cholesterol with these Foods

A nutritional and health term that is frequently thrown around a lot is cholesterol, but our medical teams at Integrity Urgent Care hear a lot of questions and have to clarify a lot of confusion surrounding the term. Essentially, while there is good cholesterol that your body needs, many of us have an excess of bad cholesterol. This bad cholesterol can lead to many issues, including clogging arteries and decreasing heart function as well as damaging your liver. Fortunately, if you have been diagnosed with high cholesterol, or if you simply want to head off an issue before it arises, there are ways you can lower your cholesterol with your diet.

woman jogging

8 Benefits of Regular Exercise

Exercise. Even for people who love to exercise, it can be hard to continue to be motivated to keep up a regular regiment of being active. Doctors almost universally agree, however, exercise is important for multiple aspects of your health. Those benefits extend far beyond just being able to run a mile or lift a certain amount of weight.