Urgent Care for Winter Sports Injuries: Trust Integrity Urgent Care for Prompt Care and Recovery

Winter Sports Injuries
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Participating in winter sports is a great way to have fun and stay active during the cold winter months. However, low temperatures, icy surfaces, and high speeds can lead to sports injuries. The most common injuries are strains, sprains, fractures, dislocations, and head injuries. It’s important to seek medical attention to prevent these injuries from becoming more serious.

Integrity Urgent Care provides on-site x-rays, so we are ready and able to treat all non-life-threatening injuries – including your winter sports injuries.

What are the Most Common Winter Sports Injuries?

While the benefits of staying active in the winter are worth the risk of injury, you should know the most common injuries associated with winter sports so you can take precautions to avoid them.

Snowboarding and Skiing

When snowboarding and skiing, unexpected falls and unruly skis can cause knee injuries. It’s also common for people to use their arms to break their fall, resulting in shoulder dislocations and rotator cuff injuries. In addition, serious falls can cause concussions for snowboarders and skiers.


The most common sledding injuries are caused by running into trees or rocks or colliding with another sled at the bottom of a hill – resulting in head and limb injuries. Being suddenly thrown off a fast-moving sled can also cause various other injuries.


One of the most dangerous professional sports is hockey, so it’s no wonder that playing on an amateur level can also result in injuries. Players are at risk of pulled muscles, ligament tears, and bruising from colliding with other players. More severe injuries include concussions, broken bones, or broken teeth.

How do you Treat Winter Sports Injuries?

Of course, the treatment for winter sports injuries depends on its severity. Here’s how to treat some of the most common winter sports injuries.

Knee Injuries

Twisting and turning while snowboarding and skiing can cause knee injuries. The meniscus allows fluid movement in the knees, but too much twisting can cause this cartilage to tear. Snowboarding and skiing can also cause PCL/ACL injuries. Integrity Urgent Care can evaluate your injury and provide steroids, anti-inflammatories, and pain relievers.

Hand Injuries

Snowboarding and skiing can cause hand injuries. A splint or cast is the first aid treatment for “skier’s thumb” – a tear in the thumb ligament caused by falling.
Wrist and ankle sprains can also result from skiing or snowboarding. A sprain involves the stretching or tearing of the ligament. Finger fractures can occur during a hard fall. Integrity Urgent Care can splint or wrap these injuries and prescribe medication to help speed up your recovery.

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Back, Head, and Neck Injuries

Neck strain or whiplash is a hyperextension injury. Seeing an urgent care physician quickly for steroids and conservative treatments can prevent more serious complications.

A strain is a muscle or tendon injury in the back, leg, or foot. Symptoms include inflammation, pain, cramping, and muscle weakness or spasms. Severe pain, numbness, and tingling can become unbearable, so it’s important to seek medical attention before the pain reaches this point.

Lower back pain can result from twisting or falling, and a torn rotator cuff is a shoulder injury. An urgent care clinic like Integrity can provide treatments, injections, and therapy to relieve pain.


A concussion results from a hard head blow and is a brain injury that affects normal brain function. Concussions can cause headaches and loss of coordination, balance, and memory. Seeking medical attention at Integrity Urgent Care can provide immediate relief.

Trust Integrity Urgent Care to Treat Winter Sports Injuries Quickly

Winter sports are all fun and games – until someone gets hurt. But you can count on Integrity Urgent Care for prompt, professional care. We provide examinations, x-rays, treatment, and relief for your pain. Integrity Urgent Care, a member of the Xpress Wellness family, is a Texas-based healthcare provider that treats non-life-threatening injuries and illnesses for patients of all ages. Find a location near you and walk in or check-in online.

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