First Aid Handbook: Steroid Shots

A doctor prepares a syringe
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Medical professionals have a vast array of skills, techniques, and solutions to help the patients that walk through our clinic doors. Sometimes it is a puzzle to discover what is wrong with our patient and what the best treatment may be. Other times, we discover a new or better way to utilize and existing treatment in a new way. As we offer treatment plans, we may suggest giving you a steroid shot, depending on your needs.

What Is a Steroid Shot

Steroid shots are medication that are injected into the body for a number of reasons. The area will be cleaned and numbed before the injection is given. Medication will help reduce inflammation and swelling, allowing the body to heal or for discomfort to be relieved. The site will need to be cared for like any injection site and ice can be used to relieve any pain. You may experience flushing, increased heart rate, or an increase in your blood sugar. A steroid shot may cause serious side effects for those with diabetes or on certain medications so, like always, you need to speak with our staff about any medicine or supplements you are on. We only recommend receiving steroid shots three to four times a year as they can have negative effects in higher doses.

Why You Need One

Steroid shots can be used to relieve any issues that are paired with swelling. Joint concerns like arthritis, bursitis, or exercise related injuries can experience relief as the swelling reduces. This reduction in swelling provides pain relief, but also can allow for healing to take place in some cases as the body feels less pressure. With more frequency, steroid injections are being given with infections, like sinus infections to relieve pain and pressure in the head and sinuses. While some over the counter medications can treat the other symptoms that come with sinus or ear infections, the pressure is often a large complaint we hear. A steroid shot can be given in fatty tissue to provide that relief. Similarly, patients with allergies may experience relief from steroid shots

While we can provide some relief for illnesses and infections with a steroid shot, we may not administer one to everyone depending on the factors at work. You will want to work with our medical team or other specialists we can refer you to, in order to get to the root cause of your issue, especially if the concern is ongoing pain or an ongoing issue like arthritis.

Come see our medical team at one of our several locations to get the care you need. Our staff will help get you in, get you seen, and get you out, feeling better and having the relief you are seeking. We accept most major forms of insurance and have self-pay options available. To learn more, contact us.

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