Everything You Need to Know About Sports Physicals

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Your kid has come home to tell you they want to try out for the basketball or soccer team at school. Between getting the right shoes and new athletic gear to practice in, there is another task you need before they can hit the field, track, or court. Your athlete’s sports physical is a required step for most school and private teams. Integrity Urgent Care has the information you need about sports physicals and can provide everything you need.


What is a sports physical?

A sports physical is very similar to an annual check-up, although it does not take the place of this important appointment in your calendar. Instead, a doctor will evaluate whether or not you or your athlete is ready to participate in sport-specific activities based on a number of criteria. Some of the ways this will be evaluated is by checking blood pressure, heart rate, vision, breathing, ability to bear weight, and more. If an issue pops up, it doesn’t mean that your athlete won’t be able to play or participate. Our team often has recommendations for modifications or extra care that will allow them to be a part of the team.


Why is it important?

Being physically active is a great way to stay in shape and to be healthy, in various ways for your entire body. That being said, there are some risks that come with being physically active, depending on the sport you or your athlete has chosen. One way to reduce these risks is by being aware of your body’s readiness to meet the challenges a sport will offer. Additionally, having a sports physical on a regular basis will provide a baseline for a medical team to consider if an issue does arise. It is vital that your athlete gets a new physical every year because child and teen growth changes so rapidly.


What do I need to do ahead of time?

Anytime you go to the doctor, for yourself or your child, it is important to have a medical history. Knowing if your child is up to date on vaccinations, potential exposures to illnesses through contact or travel, and the dates of major medical issues or procedures can help our medical staff have a better idea of the overall health of your athlete. This will also help us look a little closer at any issues that may impact being able to play certain sports or restrictions a coach needs to be aware of. For example, if a child had a heart murmur in their early years, we may listen longer to see if that needs to be reevaluated or if they need to take it easy in specific environments. If your child has a few medical considerations or procedures to keep track of, it may be helpful to keep a note in your phone that you can refer to as needed. Other than that, make sure you have the form needed for your school or team so your athlete will be good to go!


If you or your athlete needs their sports physical, the team at Integrity Urgent Care can see you quickly and get your paperwork ready to go. We know you and your student are ready for a great season ahead. For sports physicals and other medical needs, visit one of our several locations or contact us today.

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