CCOVID-19 Testing

Integrity Urgent Care’s COVID-19 Testing: Ensuring Safety and Peace of Mind

If you need accurate COVID-19 testing, Integrity Urgent Care is a convenient and reliable place to start. We have several locations across Texas, so testing services are accessible without traveling very far. Unlike many testing sites with limited schedules, Integrity Urgent Care is open evenings and weekends. These extended hours are a game-changer for those …

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a doctor extracts a covid vaccine from a vial

What You Need to Know About the COVID Vaccine

Almost a year has passed from a larger community awareness about COVID-19 and we all know, and have experienced, a lot more than we ever thought possible. In that year, several pharmaceutical companies raced to make a safe and effective vaccine to fight COVID in the general population. With larger numbers of the vaccine flooding the market, you may have questions from our team at Integrity Urgent Care about what to do next.

Current response to covid

Our Current Response to COVID-19 (Updated January 2021)

Our doctors, nurses, and staff entered the medical field to help people, both those in our community and any others who reach our clinic doors. As our communities navigate COVID-19, we continue to be ready to treat our patients and to provide accurate and up-to-date information about this virus. New information guides our practice as we work to serve you and your family at each of our Integrity Urgent Care Clinics.

A man relaxes at an airport with a santa hat on his feet

How to Travel Safe this Holiday Season

Statistics usually show large increases in travel at certain times of the year, but COVID has changed all the numbers. While COVID still adjusts much of what we do, we know some families are making plans for trips in the coming months to have a little downtime or to see family who they have missed since the beginning of 2020. Whenever you travel and for whatever reason, Integrity Urgent Care has a few tips for travel safety.

A doctor gives a woman a shot in the arm

Flu Shots During a Pandemic

The medical staff of Integrity Urgent Care always endorses getting your flu vaccination, at least for most of the population. This year, with so many changes in place due to COVID-19, we recommend getting your flu shot even more, as soon as possible. By protecting yourself against the flu, the next few months have a higher chance of going smoother in a number of ways.

A child's school supplies sit on a table

How to Protect Your Kids Going Back to School

For some, back to school has already started and for others, back to school is on the horizon. For everyone, back to school is filled with extra decisions, concerns, and protocols as we help kids navigate different kinds of learning during COVID-19. Our team at Integrity Urgent Care wants to see kids staying healthy during their back to school time, no matter what year and no matter where they are learning. At the store, at the park, in classrooms, and in social settings, there are simple ways you can help protect your kids.

sunglasses and a hat on the beach

Vacation Plans Cancelled Due to COVID?

We cannot help but offer what has become a cliché and exhausting statement, that 2020 has not shaped up the way any of us expected. Families, schools, businesses, churches, and more have had to adjust and adapt with increasing flexibility. How do you recover some of that normal with a vacation in the middle of everything taking place? Our Integrity Urgent Care team is looking for a break too, and we have a few suggestions for taking that getaway for yourself or your family.